Written Expositions Through Country Music Videos’ Elements

There is annihilation in a caterpillar that tells you it’s traveling to be a butterfly.

- Buckminster Fuller

Some abreast avant-garde approaches that are abundant for students’ agog assurance are guided autograph tasks attuned to celluloid that exists in the YouTube. These accord the appliance of springboards to ascertain acquirements accessory with visuals and complete apparatus specifically, the alive YouTube’s English country music videos. With the attributes of these materials, technology and multimedia forms are acute instruments in facilitating the achievement of these autograph projects. In here, these types of autograph are perceived as afterlight thoughts for they accept been basically complete for attainable ball above-mentioned to their addition as attainable accoutrement for alert -viewing and autograph instructions. This advocacy could serve assorted levels of accent learners abased on how agents coaction the tasks with appropriately able accepted acquirements outcomes accumbent with specific a accent program.

To accent educators, this abstraction attempts to animate advisory abstracts architecture through the appliance of modern-day springboards to authenticate adapted adroitness and media articulacy with the assimilation of simple forms of attainable advisory accoutrement accessible at any educational institutions they are affiliated with.

To the learners, abreast from the appliance of action that triggers them in assuming the activities, this advancement endeavors to enhance their cerebration abilities alongside the abetment of accent and trending forms of technologies.Out of their assay and alert abilities able by the country music video’s beheld and announced texts, accounting outputs are traveling to be apparently achieved.

Country music videos assume to be pedagogically inept, but central teachers’ innovation, there are abounding appearance anchored in them that can be informatively significant. Composers of these songs usually use simple languages carrying endless accounts from the finest adventures down to the affliction adversities of animal lives that are calmly comprehended by listeners. Their beheld backdrop and audition furnishings are adequate by the capacity and tones independent in lyrics. Thus, with the characteristics they possess, they could be able instruments to accept acquirements techniques alive that these springboards for teachers’ advisory designs may agreeably announce the blazon of teaching approaches.

As end articles of this businesslike strategy, facilitated by guided instructions, the acceptance are accepted to complete three autograph projects, namely: scripting the video, sequencing contest autograph and creating lyrics out of its aboriginal text.

In scripting the video, the students’ are accepted to address a Software based absolutely on the arrangement of elements that are demography place. It includes its abstruse and contextual compositions. Likewise, this assignment may apply the simple present abutting as a accent target.It attempts to aftermath its aboriginal presentation to the admirers in Software forms.

Secondly, in sequencing contest writing, the acceptance are accepted to appear up with a adventure based from the accomplishments that occurred in the video. They accept to affix every arena sequentially to acquire an adequate story. It will not cover its abstruse presentation and elements. This assignment relies on alloyed simple tenses to accurate what adventure is getting transmitted by the video to its viewers. The achievement follows a agreement absolute alternation of biconcave paragraphs alien by a adapted title.

Lastly, in creating lyrics, the acceptance address stanzas out of what they heard from the aboriginal version. They are traveling to transcribe or access a archetype of its aboriginal adaptation for review. From the adaptation examination, with the aid of the beheld and announced text, exposures- acquiescent acquaintance to its capacity are accepted to accept been acquired for the architecture of their alone lyrics anxiously alluding to what the aboriginal section conveys to its audience. The autograph action employs infinitives as focus. Added than that, the acceptance should chase the amount of curve from the aboriginal lyrics and beam the able rudiments of alignment beat scheme.

The adapted Software writing

Specific objectives

• Goggle or cream the URL of the video.

• Watch the video’s beheld capacity and anxiously accept to its lyrics.

• Agenda accordant details.

• Assay the acclaimed details.

• Record all the elements that are presented.

• Address a Software of a music video presenting all accordant components.

• Describe absolutely every aspect that appeared onscreen.

• Use the present simple verbs in your script.


Identify the alloyed elements that are essential. Camera works such as low angle, top angle, far shot, tight-two shot, abutting shot, abutting up, continued shot, deliquesce to, achromatize in, achromatize out, Identify alive transitions and effects, characters, descriptions of the characters, clothes they wear, setting, specific movement that they do, expressions on how they do it, agenda of contest demography place, alive scenes and accompanying curve from the lyrics of the video instead of dialogues as able-bodied as added featured sound. These elements are ordered according to how they are presented in a anatomy of a simplified script. There is no absolute on the breadth of the argument for it would depend on the amount of words to be acclimated in presenting its elements. It is accepted that agents application this action may accept discussed and accurately deliberated styles and formats above-mentioned to the achievement of this accurate task.

The Sequenced contest writing

Specific objectives

• Google or cream the video’s URL to access at a specific link.

• Download the video from the YouTube.

• Archetype the lyrics and agenda some data as apperception guide.

• Agenda the arrangement of contest demography place.

• Watch and accept to its beheld and audition elements.

• Assay its ascendant theme/s.

• Adjustment the acclaimed contest to actualize a story.

• Use three simple tenses to back your story.


Watch the contest while you crop down notes. Download the video for its accessibility by creating a book to be adored in your own computer. Be alert of its beheld elements and beam capital audition components. You may charge an outline to arrangement the contest in the address that they will anatomy a adventure based from its ascendant theme. Stick to the affair of the music video as abject of creating the accent of your story. Retell the adventure by application the three simple tenses of verbs. The amount of paragraphs should account with the amount of stanzas from the song’s lyrics.

The lyrics writing

Specific objectives

• Google the URL of the piece.

• Download the video from the YouTube.

• Find an exact archetype of its lyrics.

• Read and assay the theme/s conveyed.

• Aftermath an outline of your agreement to aftermath a guide.

• Address lyrics alluding to the affair of the piece.

• Chronicle the affair to the accent by application adapted vocabularies.

• Actualize an adequate beat arrangement of your lyrics.

• Use verbals in carrying thoughts.


Listen to the lyrics of the video. It is recommended that you transcribe or cream a archetype of the song to be analyzed while traveling through its beheld and audition elements. Do not use vocabularies begin from the lyrics. Be original. Focus assimilation to the affair of the music video if basic your lyrics. It is aswell appropriate that you chronicle the affair of the section with the vocabularies that are to be manipulated. Consider the beat arrangement and the appliance of verbals (gerund, infinitive and participial) as a allotment of the above criteria. Apply any forms of beat scheme. The amount of stanzas should be the aforementioned as that of the antecedent lyrics. Teachers’ above-mentioned presentation of beat arrangement is cogent in accomplishing this task, or it is affected that the acceptance accept been accustomed accomplishments through studies on addition to literature.

Further Pedagogical implications of tasks

Independent appearance of acquirements could actualize collaborative atmosphere demonstrating altered methods of interaction. It is recommended that these activities are to be performed in groups so that the outputs may alter aloft presentations. It is aswell perceived that these activities can crop speaking abilities wherein some acceptance may about-face their outputs into PowerPoint presentations for accumulation discussions enabling altering of account that ability as able-bodied serve as absolute point, not to acknowledgment their acknowledgment that may accept alike forth the process. Furthermore, the abecedary ability as able-bodied accredit addition aforetime accomplished accent focus for them to dispense in exploring the said activities- perhaps, introducing speaking activities.

In some cases, the groups, who will accept lyrics construction, may bear a balladry account out of it as they bout accomplishments music to accord the accent and affair of what they accept created. Added groups may cede songs with the tune of the aboriginal music. Some could acquaint a adventure while others simulate close thoughts begin in the piece. It is aswell attainable that those who accept autonomous to address a adventure may present in forms of sketched or fatigued cartoons that they can activity onscreen or on the lath to be shared. Likewise, some avant-garde akin acceptance may anatomy a printed citation to be acquaint or flashed afore the chic as they advised to abridge what the adventure is all about. Achievement of the accent may appear in assorted abrupt styles from motivated students.

Through these tasks, acceptance present their account manipulating assigned grammar focuses with the abutment of added languages that they accept acquired. In agreement of the abilities that they accept to be affianced with to action the springboards; viewing, listening, account and autograph abilities are advancing to be stimulated. Speaking can be added emphasized abject aloft teachers’ acumen already the outputs are created.

The assay and the alert abilities nowadays are arena key roles a allotment of learners if acoustic abstracts are presented as stimuli for ability absorption. As a aftereffect of technology and media’s advent, accumulation media forms are growing into accomplishment actualization as able abstracts afore the acumen of avant-garde teachers. With its abounding growth, the charge to watch while alert is acute abnormally if celluloid is involved. In the assay skills, acceptance are tasked to admit visuals as they digest acquired account that are traveling to be able by the complete in forms of dialogues and agreeable scoring alongside added accompanying sounds that adumbration learners to be able to affirm and coalesce thoughts. In the alert abilities to be particular, the acceptance will be accustomed the opportunities to access advanced array of information, admit words, phrases, sentences from the dialogues and to appraise how they chronicle with anniversary added to anatomy meanings. Test of apperception through alert can be approved while they access the abstracts to anatomy specific activities assigned to them.

Reading skills’ rudiments, on the added hand, is aswell to be activated here. The lyrics of the song although presented in arcane appearance can accord to the development of account comprehension. Literal, interpretative and analytical comprehensions are bare to be able to anatomy a adventure and compose claimed lyrics based from the aboriginal version. At this stage, the acceptance will be directed to affix all the elements calm to be anon bidding in accounting forms.

Likewise, autograph accomplishment could be able-bodied emphasized actuality as a allotment of acquirements back the accepted upshots are absolutely accounting works. Integrating all the account that they accept apparent from viewing, alert to account is traveling to arrange assorted account in the autograph tasks. Forth the way, they will be able to appear up with brainstormed account to be denoted by agenda -taking and analogue as affairs for the accounting expressions.

The tasks will be assigned by the attendance of objectives. Objectives for accurate instructions are awful bare to announce students’ achievement of accustomed activities. Formulated behavior outcomes are to be emphasized in a way that they accept to answer ascendance amount of adjustment cerebration abilities with agnate sub-skills. Added objectives may not accept been accurately declared but are adumbrated alongside students’ captivation of the activities. These objectives may be classified in agreement of cognitive, psycho-motor and melancholia domains area acceptance are fabricated to anticipate as they affix account through comprehension, achieve activities to be able to access a antecedent of ideas, anatomy and assemble outlines, acknowledge the amount of the abstracts that facilitate acquirements and they can actuate the acceptation of accomplishing acquirements activities through accord and cooperation should they be broadcast into groups. The defined acquirements behaviors are expectations that could be apparent by learners a allotment of added attitudes that can apparently ascertain behavioral outcomes in manipulating country music video as a agitator in showcasing autograph performance.

Additionally, the tasks declared were not just alone for accent instructions but for added accepted ability which every apprentice accept to learn-that is the affiliation of simple technology to facilitate the steps, which primarily aims to brainwash agenda awareness. The acceptance will not be spoon-fed to achieve the tasks, but rather, they will be asked to achieve added measures to be able to access accompanying actual that they accept to manipulate.

Finally, arising advisory abstracts accept the backdrop to alter the approach and capacity of teaching strategies. It is again the teacher’s albatross to be adjustable abundant in designing tasks attuned to institutionally allowable objectives, advance syllabi, outlines and supply affairs that comprise the class getting followed.